Why Us, BoDean Company

Learn more about why you should choose us at BoDean Company

At BoDean Company we pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers, quality materials and environmental sustainability. Our excellence in service and quality, and our knowledgeable and helpful team are the driving forces behind our success.

When committing yourself to a construction project of varying degrees, from homeowner construction to professional job, choosing the right partners can help your project reach the most successful route to completion.

We make it easy to consider using BoDean Company by providing our customers with convenient and expert assistance and delivery, quality products and our commitment to sustainability. Through these key ingredients, BoDean proves is place as the chief supplier of quality crushed rock and asphaltic concrete to the greater Santa Rosa area and northern Napa County.


By connecting you with our knowledgeable sales team, we work to ensure you are getting the best materials for your project. We can advise on quality, quantity and even help set up the most accurate pricing estimates. Through our website, we also offer our customers convenient pricing tools through the use of our pricing calculators.

One of the most notable changes in our company as of late has been the implementation of our delivery program. No longer are you at the mercy of a third-party company for your materials delivery. BoDean now has several trucks on dispatch solely for the purpose of delivering our aggregate product directly to your job site. This ensures our customers will receive the quickest turnaround possible and the most accurate product count and pricing.


At BoDean Company, we are committed to producing quality aggregate material for our customers. With the ability to mine from two different locations, we are able to produce a variety of products that are often necessary for most construction projects to begin.

With the acquisition of our asphalt and aggregate wash plants we opened a new window of opportunity to create quality products for our customers that produce safer, more environmentally friendly results.

One of our most exciting achievements comes directly from our asphalt plant. The inclusion of Warm Mix Recycled Asphalt Pavement (WMA-RAP), which we are proud to say is of superior quality and benefit for our customers than traditional Hot Mix Asphalt (around for over 100 years), allows us to produce asphalt at a lower temperature, thus reducing the amount of blue smoke that is released into the environment.

Commitment to Sustainability

In keeping with the core values of our company, we strive daily to reach new levels of sustainability, which is often a core value for many of our customers as well.

One unique practice we are proud to share is our immediate work in land reclamation. As land is mined, drilled and blasted, the standard practice for BoDean Company is to immediately reclaim the land by resoiling, replanting and reclaiming as product is extracted. While governing remediation standards require all quarries across the country to reclaim land, most do not make remediation attempts until resources have been exhausted and depleted. We strive to reclaim as quickly as possible and works to use every single resource that is extracted from the land, leaving nothing to waste. BoDean Company is also an honored recipient of the Bay Area Helios Award for leadership in Sustainable Business Practices and in pursuing ways to be green-minded and environmentally aware, in 2011 BoDean Company became the largest solar powered rock quarry in the western United States and the first all solar facility of its kind in the mining industry.

Our Mark West Quarry, which was our first acquisition, has lead the way for the way we do business across the board. It became the first quarry in the world to fully operate under its own photovoltaic (solar) power in 2011. This photovoltaic system is expected to generate more than 1,120,000 kilowatt hours of renewable energy each year, and the electricity produced by the solar panels will offset enough energy to power 160 typical American homes for a full year.

The Mark West Quarry is also home to our wash plant where we have installed a water recycling system. This closed-loop washing system, which was one of the first of its kind in North America, allows BoDean to recycle nearly all of the water used during the wash process.

At BoDean Company we are proud of our humble beginnings but we look forward to the opportunities that a brighter future holds as we work to continue supplying our customers with quality materials in the safest and most responsible ways possible. We take pride in serving our customers and producing quality materials and we look forward to hearing from you. Call today at (707) 576-8205 to speak with a BoDean Company specialist or click here to request a free online quote.