Topeka Fines are your solution to pavement repair problems

Topeka Fines offer a smooth finish while repairing damaged and irregular pavements

With a number of asphalt options to choose from, determining which product is right for your project can be a tricky and time-consuming process but it is often the most important step to successful completion. If you are looking for a product to help with leveling, repairing, or resurfacing, BoDean Co.’s Topeka Fines might be exactly what you’re looking for.

What is Topeka Fines

According to Encyclopedia2, Topeka Fines, which are often referred to in other parts of the country as sheet asphalt, is simply an asphalt mixture which provides a smooth surface that is used for continuous road surfacing and repair. Our Topeka Fines asphalt mix, which is an oil and sand-like texture, is a super-fine mix that is used primarily in repairing spots or cracks in asphalt or to level minor imperfections in already paved asphalt areas. Available through our Santa Rosa Asphalt Plant, our Topeka Fines mixture is offered in 1/4″ minus. All that is typically needed to get the job done is a thin, rough layer added to the damaged or irregular area.

Uses for Topeka Fines

BoDean Co. Topeka Fines can be used when you need a very thin lift to level or repair problem areas or irregularities in an asphalt paved surface.

  • Thin Lift and Leveling Repairs – Topeka Fines are a great option for leveling and lifting sunken or unleveled surfaces by applying this mixture in thin layers.
  • Filling in Low Spots – Duck ponds and other low spots happen as a force of nature. Sun, rain and wind can all create less than desirable spots in driveways and roadways and Topeka Fines are the perfect solution for filling in these damaged areas. This thin, super-fine mix is a great product for bringing those spots back to where they once were.
  • ADA Ramp Repair – TheAmerican Disabilities Act (ADA), a government regulated entity, has certain accessibility mandates for all brick and mortar businesses. If your access ramp is in need of repair, BoDean Co. Topeka Fines make the perfect material to repair it by adding the needed lift and smooth finish that these ramps require.
  • Repairing Cracks – While asphalt is a rather durable and low maintenance material, it is common that it can crack and need repair as time passes. When cracks happen, Topeka Fines are fine enough to fill in and adequately repair those cracks because the mixture is so fine.
  • Repair Worn Out Driveways – While asphalt is a strong material to pave with, over time weather can cause damage to asphalt driveways. For driveways that remain structurally sound but could use a bit of reinforcing, resurfacing or perhaps a cleaner finish, Topeka Fines offers a smooth finish and is useful for minor repairs.

Benefits of Using Topeka Fines

Topeka Fines is a quality asphalt mixture offered by BoDean Co. that offers several benefits to users.

  • Topeka Fines Offer a Smoother Surface Finish- one of the biggest benefits to using BoDean Co.’s Topeka Fines is the finish this product provides. When applied correctly, this mix will leave you with a smooth finish that will make for a better driving surface with a more visually appealing look. Smoother surfaces are also an added benefit because they cause less wear and tear on vehicles and tires.
  • Topeka Fines Can Extend Pavement Life – Asphalt roads are paved in layers and when the road surface is smoother, it tends to extend the life of your asphalt because bumpy roads tend to accelerate the deterioration of asphalt pavement.
  • Topeka Fines Can Perform Double Duty – For a surface to be refinished as smoothly as possible, it is necessary that the asphalt remain structurally sound and level. Topeka Fines can be used for leveling while still providing that smooth, desired, aesthetically-pleasing finish that many users seek.

Selecting Topeka Fines

When you are looking to repair or level your asphalt pavement Topeka Fines should be considered since asphalt remains an ideal material for paving – its benefits are great when compared to other paving products. Topeka Fines is not only a sustainable material, it is also cost-effective, safe and durable. BoDean Company’s Topeka Fines are available for your repair needs. For any questions yo may have please do not hesitate to connect with us at (707) 576-8205 to speak with a BoDean Company specialist or click here to request a free online quote.