Permeable Aggregates allow water to pass through

a useful and effective way to manage storm water runoff

One of the most important steps in the beginning of any project is in choosing the materials that will be used. The right product will help guide a successful project that is more likely to stand the test of time.

If you are looking for a way to manage water runoff, consider the use of a permeable aggregate which allows water to infiltrate the area, thus reducing the amount of water that finds itself on top of land surfaces from rain or snow.

What are Permeables?

Permeable material is simply a material, or aggregate in this case, which allows water to pass through it.

High quality permeable materials consist of washed sand and crushed rock, are free of deleterious substances and are necessary for backfilling trenches and placement around underdrains especially when used in lieu of expensive filter fabrics.

According to The University of Florida, “permeable pavements function similarly to sand filters, in that they filter the water by forcing it to pass through different aggregate sizes and typically some sort of filter fabric. Therefore, most of the treatment is through physical (or mechanical) processes. As precipitation falls on the pavement, it infiltrates down into the storage basin where it slowly releases into the surrounding soil.”

Permeable aggregates are available at BoDean Co. in CL I (A or B) and CL II types.

Common uses of Permeables

Permeable aggregates are used primarily in areas that need to create a way for water to infiltrate. This type of washed aggregate can be used in a range of applications that are all mainly geared at assisting in adequately supplying drainage options.

  • Trenches. Trenches, like French drains, are often used as a means to redirect water away from an undesirable location. Using permeable aggregate material will allow the water to be both redirected to a more desired location, as well as allow the water to seep through the aggregate and back into the soil to prevent ponding.
  • In Lieu of Filter Fabric. Permeable aggregate material can easily be used in place of filter fabric as both will allow water to flow back into the soil, however, filter fabrics tend to be costlier than using permeable aggregate.
  • Drainage Systems. Drainage systems can greatly benefit from the use of permeable material. According to a study by Bradley University, by incorporating this type of material, drain systems run more effectively by allowing the water to drain back down into the subbase and soil allowing it to naturally filter and recharge the storm water. This type of system has also shown to reduce stormwater runoff and keep pollutants from floating down into drainage facilities.

Permeable pavements do well in areas that are residential, commercial, urban, industrial and retrofit.

Benefits of Permeables?

The use of permeable aggregates can be a valuable asset in areas prone to excess water. With a range of varied uses, the benefits of this product are also considerable.

  • Managing runoff. According to Wikipedia, “In addition to reducing surface runoff, permeable paving can trap suspended solids thereby filtering pollutants from stormwater.”
  • Effective for erosion control.
  • Pollution Control. Using a permeable material can be very effective for removing fine sediment, trace metals, nutrients, bacteria, and oxygen-demanding substances (organics). A permeable pavement can help trap large pollutants from rushing further downstream by trapping them in place.
  • Using a permeable aggregate can reduce downstream flooding and assist in maintaining stream bank integrity.
  • This material can also help reduce the size and cost of downstream stormwater control facilities and/or storm drain systems by infiltrating storm water in upland areas.
  • Provides ground water recharge and baseflow in nearby streams.

Selecting the Correct Permeable Aggregate

Permeable aggregate can be used in various applications providing benefits to both the project and the environment. With different types of permeable aggregate to choose from, the uses and applications are great.

Are you considering using a permeable aggregate in your next project? Choosing the right products is the first step in the right direction. Bodean Co. prides itself on being a producer of only the highest quality aggregate material and the knowledge to help make your job as successful as possible.

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