BoDean Co.’s aggregate delivery service offers many benefits to customers

Ease the delivery process of your project materials by using BoDean Company’s delivery service

With a long-standing commitment to excellence and customer service, BoDean Company. has always strived to provide its customers with knowledge, quality products, and affordable pricing. We work to establish trust and build our confidence in our products, expertise and productivity, but we also seek to make a customer’s experience as effortless as possible.

BoDean Company. is constantly at work to improve our business practices and to find new ways to improve our services that we provide to our customers. One of our most recent improvements to our business services is the purchase of four brand-new haulers that now make up our delivery fleet.

What does this mean for customers?

Thanks to the addition of these new haulers, we no longer have to outsource delivery of our aggregates. While this new service is most often used by homeowners who are not equipped to haul the large loads that aggregate, asphalt and other mined materials provide, we are also able to provide delivery to larger construction projects as well. By handling the delivery through BoDean Co., we are thus afforded the opportunity to save time and money for our customers.


Heavy loads of earth material are often very costly to move. With the ability haul materials for our customers, we also have the ability save you time and money. We not only offer excellent customer service and a knowledgeable team but we have the unique capability of taking your construction project from the idea and consultation stages to product delivery stages.

  • Quick Turnaround. If you are unable to load your materials yourself and are looking to have them delivered, we. can oftentimes provide an extremely quick turnaround rate. Once your product selection is made and quantities are determined, our hauling team is able to quickly calculate both the delivery price and availability. Most products can be delivered within a week’s time.
  • Accurate Product. Allowing our delivery service to handle your products from to the purchase facility to the construction site will also help to ensure you receive the exact product you are needing in the accurate amount ordered.
  • Accurate Pricing. BoDean Company. is able to offer a more comprehensive price on delivery services because there is no longer a need to outsource to another company. Once the product and product amount is determined, delivery price can be quickly evaluated with a quick call to the delivery dispatcher.

Eliminate the Third Party. It’s often most cost-effective to shop with companies that can provide an entire lot of services over ones that force you to hire outside companies to assist in delivery. By handling deliveries through BoDean Co., you eliminate the need for a third party who may potentially add cost to the overall bottom line of your budget.

A Homeowner Bonus

This new service is subscribed to most often by homeowners. In this day of do-it-yourself projects, homeowners have become skilled at construction projects ranging from laying stone paths to repaving a sidewalk and so much more in between. BoDean Company. can supply many of the aggregate materials needed for a variety of applications that homeowners may consider. This service removes the challenge of hauling a heavy load of materials for customers who may not have the means to haul these larger loads themselves.

What is needed to schedule delivery?

To get the most accurate quote for delivery service, a few things will be taken into consideration.

  • Delivery Date. While BoDean Co. typically maintains a very quick turnaround time in terms of delivery, it is important to plan your project timeline so that you know what delivery dates are best for you. Be sure to relay those to your dispatcher to schedule a time that is most suitable.
  • Product Details. Be sure your dispatcher is aware of what products you are ordering and the full quantities. This will help determine the most accurate price and to avoid any mistakes in loading.
  • Location. Knowing the exact location of delivery will help ensure that the dispatcher has the mileage correct and will also lead to a better estimate.

The aggregate dispatch team are experts in delivery and loading and work to make your delivery as seamless as possible. We work to maximize the amount of material that is hauled in each load, all while working to ensure that no material is lost in the process. We work to provide a quick turnaround service and can deliver our materials directly to your project site. Whatever your delivery needs may be, speak to our dispatch office to find out how we can help.

Are you looking to purchase and haul a heavy load of aggregate material? No matter what your project may be, BoDean Co. is fully equipped to handle the delivery of your products to your home or jobsite. Speak with one of our helpful, expert dispatch agents today to determine your needs and schedule your delivery by calling (707) 230-2022.