Specialty aggregates support a variety of project applications

BoDean often works with customers to create materials that are custom engineered

From small homeowner projects such as the laying of a pathway, to large construction projects that demand new roadways, BoDean Company has the ability to provide aggregate material for almost every need. Oftentimes requirements go beyond  that which traditional aggregate material is capable of delivering. The highly skilled team at BoDean Company is capable of producing a variety of specialty products and custom blended materials for project-specific needs where specifications, needs and desires may be out of the norm.

What are Specialty Aggregates?

Specialty aggregates are unique blends of aggregate material engineered for particular projects that are painstakingly created against stringent specifications.

The team at BoDean Company often works with customers to create materials that are custom-blended, or engineered. Some engineered materials created by BoDean Company include but are not limited to:

  • Sport’s Field Top and Bottom Rock – The team at BoDean Company can create perfectly blended materials that are guaranteed to meet the specifications for your sport’s field top and bottom rock.
  • Turf Sand – BoDean Company can create specific blends of turf sand to assist in stability. This sand is specifically engineered to be spread on artificial grass to help the blades stand in place.
  • Modified Base and Leveling Course Materials – This material can be used as base material for low-volume roads with the appropriate top layer.
  • Engineered Fill – Engineered fill is soil or crushed stone that is compacted  and used to  fill in depressions or holes in the ground, or to create mounds or otherwise artificially change the elevation of the ground.
  • Shotcrete Aggregates –  Shotcrete aggregates are a mixture of sand, cement and water and can be wet mix or dry mix to make sprayed concrete.
  • Trench Backfill – Trench backfill, which is essentially putting soil back into a trench, can be formulated to meet certain specifications or contract requirements depending on customer needs.
  • Bedding Mix – Bedding mix is a blend of aggregate material that can be used as mortar beds under pavers or stones in the creation of a path, for example.

Specifications and Environmental Standards

BoDean Company takes pride in always meeting specifications set by local, state and governmental entities. Should you need a custom blended material that meets additional specifications, the experts at BoDean can formulate the exact blend needed to fit the job.

Quality, safety and environmental sustainability are top priorities within the daily culture and practices at BoDean Company. In seeking to be good stewards of the natural resources which we have all been given, priority has been placed on sustainability practices throughout the company, including: immediate land reclamation, increasing the growth of our recycling operations and a greater utilization of renewable resources. The Mark West Quarry, which was the first quarry to be operated by BoDean Company, was also the first quarry in the world to operate 100-percent under photo-voltaic (PV) solar power.

Selecting the Correct Material

Choosing the correct material for your project is the first step to a successful end. Often enough when the wrong product is chosen without consultation it may end up being a less optimal solution. To save time, effort and potentially money, consider the following:

  • Pricing – purchasing aggregate material directly from a mining company will ensure the best price available.
  • Quality – When aggregate material comes directly from the supplier, the material will be of highest quality and free of additional, unnecessary debris. Also, when seeking to find custom blended materials, it is vitally important to work with someone highly skilled and familiar with both the products you are wanting to use and specifications you are looking to meet.
  • Material Type – Consultation is an important step in choosing the correct product. The expert team at BoDean Company is highly knowledgeable and can suggest blends and materials to help save you time and money.

Still wondering which products are right for your project? Are you seeking to meet a unique set of specifications or formulate your own blend of aggregate material? The experts at BoDean Company are waiting to help you select or create the right material for whatever your project may be. The consultants at BoDean are trained and equipped to make recommendations for blends that will save you both time and money and result in a more successful project.

To schedule a time that works best for you, simply call today at (707) 576-8205 to speak with a BoDean Company specialist or click here to request a free online quote.