In 2009 BoDean Company became the first batch asphalt producer in the north coast region of California to utilize recycled asphalt product (RAP) in its production process. Typically asphalt is produced using 95% rock and sand from rock quarries, and 5% binder oil that must be shipped from oil refineries. Rather than purchasing 100% of the oil needed to produce asphalt, or using 100% virgin materials that have been extracted from hillside quarries or out of river beds; using special equipment, we incorporate recycled road millings that are already coated with binder oil from old asphalt roads that need to be rebuilt or resurfaced. Because we are reusing already coated rock, this leads to a reduction in our dependence upon petroleum products, the shipping of those products, keeping this material out of our land-fills, and the conservation of the use of virgin rock material.

At BoDean Company we also recycle concrete. This recycled material is re-crushed, screened, and can be used as a Class II road base material thereby keeping it out of our land-fills, removing one more product from the waste stream, and conserving the rock that might normally be mined out of a hillside quarry or river bed.

Eco-efficient benefits:

Reduced consumption of asphalt binder oil from the refinery, reduced trucking of binder oil from refineries and the trucking of virgin aggregates from quarries and thereby increased profitability and reduced environmental impacts in GHG, waste to landfills and reliance on oil.