Concrete (Northgate Ready Mix)

Concretecon·crete /ˈkänkrēt/

noun 1. A heavy, rough building material made from a mixture of broken stone or gravel, sand, cement, and water, that can be spread or poured into molds and that forms a stonelike mass on hardening


Northgate Ready Mix Concrete Northgate Ready Mix Concrete

Northgate Ready Mix, in partnership with BoDean Co., supplies Caltrans specification quality concrete to the North Bay utilizing BoDean concrete aggregates and sand (A 100% PV solar operated facility). Northgate’s state of the art computerized batching plant (built in 2010) ensures consistency and also facilitates the use of the latest admixtures. The plant has a rated capacity of 200 yd./hour.

Customer Advantages:

  • Commitment to customer service
  • New, modern and compliant mixer trucks.
  • Saturday delivery.
  • State of the art computer controlled production (Caltrans MPQP Certified).
  • Knowledgeable delivery drivers ready to assist you.
  • A sales team that cares about its reputation and meeting customer needs.

For pricing and availability contact Northgate Ready Mix at:
5922 Pruitt Avenue
Windsor, CA 95492
707.836.9901 fax