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About BoDean Company

Bo and Dean Soiland BoDean Co., Inc. is operated by Belinda (Bo) & Dean Soiland.

Dean & Bo started their journey by taking over the operations at the Mark West Quarry, near Calistoga, on April 1, 1989. Before the Soilands took it over, this quarry ran as a crushed stone operation under several different operators going all the way back to the year 1910.

The ARM Plan

In the 1980's the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors developed the "Aggregate Resource Management Plan" (ARM Plan). In order to reduce impacts and preserve the Russian River, the ARM Plan called for reduced terrace and in-stream gravel mining within the Middle Reach of the Russian River in favor of hard-rock hillside mining where environmental impacts can be better managed. The 1994 ARM Plan called for the complete phase-out of all river terrace mining by 2006.

BoDean Forestville Quarry

Forestville Quarry Sonoma County uses approximately 3 million tons of aggregates per year (6 tons per person annually) in order to maintain and improve its infrastructure. Knowing that the ARM Plan called for increased reliance upon hard-rock quarries, BoDean purchased the Blue Rock Quarry in Forestville in 1997, and began doing business as Mark West Aggregates. BoDean went through great expense to design the Blue Rock Quarry around the same model as its Mark West Quarry.  By doing so, the quarry in Forestville runs with environmental and cost-efficiency in mind.

BoDean Asphalt Plant

Asphalt PlantIn 2001 BoDean acquired its Asphalt Plant on Maxwell Drive in Santa Rosa and returned to doing business as BoDean Co., Inc.

Asphalt is made from 95% rock and sand and 5% asphalt binder oil.  However, since the ARM Plan phased out sand extraction from the Russian River, BoDean found itself having to purchase sand from British Columbia, Canada in order to produce its asphalt.  Doing this is neither sustainable, environmentally responsible, nor cost effective.  In order to address this dilemma, BoDean invested in the construction of its own wash plant.

BoDean Wash Plant

Wash PlantIn 2006 BoDean constructed and installed a wash plant and water recycling system at its Mark West Quarry.  This wash plant gives BoDean the ability to manufacture washed products, including sand.  These products are washed of all clay and dirt and therefore are suitable as ingredients not only for asphalt production, but concrete as well.  The system is designed to recycle virtually all of the water used in the wash process.  This closed-loop washing system became the first of its kind in North America and aided BoDean in its efforts towards reliance on sustainable practices.

Recycling & Warm Mix AC

RAPIn 2009 BoDean installed equipment at its asphalt operation that gives it the ability to recycle asphalt and processes it back into asphaltic concrete known as RAP (Recycled Asphalt Pavement), and in 2010 it installed a warm mix injection system that produces asphalt at much reduced temperatures without the use of chemicals. These reduced temperatures have a variety of advantages over traditional hot mix asphalt, the greatest of which are the environmental benefits of reduced GHG (green house gasses).

Concrete - Northgate

Northgate Ready MixIn 2010 BoDean ownership entered into partnership with Troy Soiland who operates Northgate Ready Mix in Windsor, California. This ready-mix operation produces very high quality concrete using the washed concrete aggregates produced at the Mark West Quarry.  Excited about this endeavor, this partnership allows BoDean to offer a full range of construction products of aggregates, asphalt and concrete ready-mix to the greater North Bay Region of California.

Going Solar

Solar Power

In 2011 BoDean’s Mark West operation became the first quarry in the world to fully operate under photo-voltaic solar power - This all being done to be a leader in the use of cleaner alternate fuels and power sources in order to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and operate as a responsible neighbor to the communities surrounding its facilities.  This project, combined with BoDean’s other sustainable efforts, will lead to the reduction of its carbon footprint by over 15,000 tons between the years 2010—2020 (equivalent of a medium sized car travelling 37,500,000 miles).

Quality & Teamwork

The BoDean Team

BoDean Company credits its success around two main factors: The teamwork of its employees and the quality of its products. These two factors are embodied in BoDean Company's core values.

BoDean Company