Core Values

These values are clearly held expectations of the whole BoDean Team:

We Believe in Safety
We will operate all BoDean Company sites with Safety as a primary goal. Meeting production schedules or customer commitments are secondary. We will put Safety first - before everything else.

We Believe in Quality
We will supply Quality products and services which provide lasting value to our customers and superior results in industry standards and practices.

We Believe in People
We believe we must work together as a team in order to make a difference in the success of BoDean Company. We will demonstrate respect and caring for all members of our team and their families. We will assure that every person is given an opportunity to attain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from work achievements and that people are recognized for individual as well as team accomplishments. We will reward each other based upon demonstrated skills and job ownership performance.

We Believe in Community Responsibility & Stewardship
The environment is important to us, so our actions will be consistent with environmental responsibility. This is demonstrated in our commitment to reclaim land concurrent to mining. We will also be exemplary citizens of each of the communities in which we operate by actively participating in achieving community goals.

We Believe in Integrity & Professionalism
We will conduct our activities with uncompromising honesty and integrity. We will adhere to the highest standards of business ethics and fairness in all of our dealings with other team members, customers, communities, suppliers, government officials and agencies. We expect the same high standards from the people and organizations with whom we work.

We are Dedicated to Customer Service
We believe in dedicating ourselves to earn the respect of our customers by partnering with them and providing them with products and services in a timely manner that anticipate and exceed their needs, and by providing them product and service advantages which contribute to their business success and which surpass that of our competition.